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Royal blue and White football scarf

148 Cruzeiro Lagu & Football Lagu

Brazilian Champions three times. Play at the Mineirão, Belo Horizonte.

141 Marlone! Crowd singing to encourage the midfielder Marlone. Playlist
838 Save Save Cruzeiro So many times Cruzeiro my dear club, i gave up my life to be with you Playlist
1234 Chicken Tell Me How You Feel Provoking the opponent Playlist
1404 I Want to See Crowd sing to encourage the team to play hard. Playlist
1533 Uh It`s the Mith Dedé is the man. The Mith. Cruzeiro`s wall Playlist
1930 Three Times Brazillian Champion Great ringtone for Cruzeiro fans Playlist
2423 A Lot of Emotion Cruzeiro the biggest champion of Mineirão Playlist
5239 Sunday, I Go to the Mineirao It's a very popular song, used by different brazilian club fans. Parody of "O Campeao" Playlist
5681 Fabio Fabio Crowd singing to encourage the goalkeeper Fábio Playlist
5785 A Beer Please Recent music from Cruzeiro supporters. Goes on forever... Playlist
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5936 Oh My Love Cruzeiro Support Cruzeiro is a deep feeling of love Playlist
6378 Today I Will support and Sing Cruzeiro is my team. I support and sing for him Playlist
7075 Marcelo Moreno Crowd singing to encourage the forward Marcelo Moreno Playlist
7771 Mayke! Crowd singing to encourage the right-back Mayke. Playlist
8469 Samudio Crowd singing to encourage the left-back Playlist
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